Would you like to live that kind of fulfillment in your life? This book offers you the opportunity to truly live on purpose. A simple step-by-step method shows you how your life experiences hold the key to unveiling your purpose.

In a world buzzing with endless advice on how to succeed, Jim White has a created a quiet space where you can hear your own thoughts and begin to take action. What’s My Purpose? is a welcome path to the truth about who you are and your capacity for achievement, balance, and fulfillment, in all areas of your life and business. Each page moves you ahead in clear, sharp, practical ways. The element of personal discovery is tremendous!


Identify in yourself the 5 masks that prevent you from living your purpose, and discover the new truths about your life when you are grounded in purpose. The journey you are experiencing is your life, savor it and live it to the fullest. You only get one shot! You too deserve to live your life ON PURPOSE.