JL White International, Inc. is an international management consulting firm with a family business office practice advisory group that provides hands-on executive management and advisory services to high net worth individuals and family businesses.

Each of the senior consultants have held senior management and leadership positions, having served as executives of companies ranging from pre-revenue to multi-billion dollar enterprises, and have extensive experience in dealing with the types of situations faced by our clients.

Our role focuses on performance improvements and strengthening the overall position of the family business.

What is a Family Business?

  • Majority amount of ownership of the business held by one family
  • Two or more family members working in the business
  • Family members significantly affect direction & strategy of the business
  • Overlap in Family – Ownership – Management
  • Desire for continuity across generations (intent to keep it in the family)


  • Business succession planning
  • Estate planning
  • Conflict resolution
  • Preparing resolution
  • Intergenerational, sibling, and gender issues
  • Leadership development
  • Compensation and performance measurement
  • Strategic planning for family firms
  • Sale, merge decisions
  • Taxes and the family business
    and more!

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