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Broken America is a call to action for all Americans to put political party aside and find common ground to unite all Americans under our country’s founding principles.

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Jim White, PhD

Dr. Jim White is Founder and CEO of JL White International, LLC. He also serves as Chairman and CEO of Post Harvest Technologies, Inc. and Growers Ice Company, Inc., and Founder and CEO of PHT Opportunity Fund LP.

Jim is the author of several acclaimed books—most recently, Broken America: Ten Guidingn Principles to Restore America and Opportunity Investing: How to Revitalize Urban and Rural Communities with Opportunity Funds. He is also author of the best-seller What’s My Purpose? A Journey of Personal and Professional Growth, which has been lauded by such industry leaders as Steven M.R. Covey and Jack Canfield.

Authored by Jim White, PhD

Jim’s latest inspiring read will take you on a true discovery of how to revitalize low-income communities across America with Qualified Opportunity Funds.

This book offers you the opportunity to truly live life on purpose. A simple step-by-step method shows you how your life experiences hold the key to unveiling your purpose.

Do you want to inspire and motivate people? Understanding the foundations of leadership and influence is crucial for all leaders and managers.

Would you like to finally manage the stress and anxiety controlling your life? Would you like to figure out why you are so stressed out, and learn what can you do about it?


Our democracy is largely dysfunctional today because of the deep polarization and divisions between the political parties. The failure of leadership at the highest levels to follow the basic values and principles that our Founding Fathers believed were essential to governing has put the future of the nation at risk. Dr. Jim White in his book, Broken America, tries to address these problems by outlining ten principles critical to restoring America. This is a book for all Americans who care about the future of our country.”

– Leon E. Panetta, Former Secretary of Defense and Director of the CIA


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An Evening with Author Jim White

Learn how we all have a chance to work together to benefit from the capital gains tax breaks, make money, and positively impact low-income urban and rural QOZ communities and the lives of millions of people.

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